Our EQUINE Staff

Liberty is a Quarter Horse Mare that is Dapple Grey. Liberty was purchased with a few other horses when the ranch changed ownership. Liberty is approximately 18 years old and is currently one of our alpha mares. She loves to head the trail rides but only if her boyfriend CJ comes with her. Look for Liberty, she'll be the one sneaking a snack!

LIKES: Any and ALL Kinds of Food 

Dislikes: Other Mares, Being Caught

Beans:  One of our senior members who still has a ton of spring in his step.  Beans is a perfect gentleman to ride. A nice stout boy who's always first at the door to get his saddle on for the day. 




Likes: Carrots, Watermelon and Apples  Dislikes: Fly Spray, Baths 




Miracle joined our family by default Ten years ago.  She was brought to our facility as part of our Boarding Services and one day her owner just never came back.  So we took he in with open arms as a 6 year old UNBROKEN paint mare.  Now she has molded into our program nicely. She is very laid back and passive. She does her job well. 

Likes: Being first in line   Dislikes: Other Mares other than Abi 






This is Abi our rescue pony. We purchased her at an auction and it wasn't until we got her home that we realized she has been sedated. After MUCH TLC Abi fits in nicely to our program. She is no longer afraid of humans but in her eyes she "tolerates" us. She is the pick for most of our young riders for her size and gentle trail manners.  Abi was a huge part of our 4H program and has been successfully shown for the past 6 years. Abi is a Bay Quater Pony and is 24 years old.

Likes: Horse Shows, Miracle and Trail Rides  Dislikes: Mean People




This is Shadow. She is a 18 year old Blue Roan Appaloosa Mare.  She was purchased in Tennessee where she was used as a family trail horse.  She is most commonly recognized as the horse with no tail and the beautiful color.  It is a characteristic of this breed to have very thin hair and Shadow definitely fits the bill. Shadow spends some of her summer at the Easter Seals Camp in Hudson, IL.

Likes: Precious and Anna  Dislikes: being saddled,ANY KIND OF BUGS!


This is Tex.  His registered name is IMA SUPER TEXAN!  He is the horse that seems to get into everything. If any of the horses get out you can be sure Tex is the one who showed them the way.  He is our super sweet and calm boy. If you come out to visit us just look for Tex. He will be the horse standing under the manger!

Likes: Food, Being Sneaky, and Scout  Dislikes: Getting Caught being sneaky!


Meet C.J.  He is the Boss of our herd.  He is a registered appoloosa without any spots!  CJ is mister calm and relaxed.  He is the brains of our operation, all the other horses look to him for support.  CJ has been with us for 8 years and has been a much welcomed member. 

Likes: the ladies, walkin slow, and FOOD! Dislikes: Wormer

 This is Daisy Mae!  She is a Palomino Quater Horse.  Daisy is a retired 4-H show horse and is very popular among our trail riders and lesson students.  Daisy is friends with Abi and likes to ride in the back of the trail. She does like to snack while riding but is known for her passive "been there done that" tempermant.

Likes: Abi, Treats, and getting her feet done.  Dislikes: Standing still for overviews!




ACHOO! Looks like Precious had to sneeze for her picture!  Precious is a very sweet and quiet girl.  She is one of our taller but gentle horses.  Precious often gets confused with some of our other horses because she is mostly sorrel in color. 

Likes: Shadow and Anna   Dislikes:  Standing still while waiting for the trail ride to leave.




Here he is.. the one and only SCOUT! He is by far one of the favorites. He is liked because of his painted color, size, and sweet tempermant.  Scout's registered name is IMA GOOD BOY SCOUT and that is SO true.  Other than sneaking a snack on the trail rides Scout is our golden trail horse. He follows the rules and is kind to his riders.

Likes: Tex, Eating, Baths  Dislikes:  ???


Rocky, Rocky, Rocky!  He is one younger equine staff members and it shows.  Rocky still has a lot to learn when is comes to ettiquette.  Rocky is a very laid back boy but often shows his AGE!  He is very passive and not spooky or jumpy.  We classify him as LAID BACK!   Very sweet boy who will be Perfect for trails with maturity. Currently a guide/show horse.

Likes: Walkin Slow, Rolling in the sand, TAKIN HIS SWEET TIME! 

Dislikes:  Workin, Wormer, and Structure




This is Bub. He is a retired Thourghbred Gelding.  Bub was purchased with the original string from Delshire Stables. After many hours of love form Gretchen a Rockin P Rough Rider 4H member Bub has gone on to compete in many English related shows.  Bub continues to excel at rail work and jumping.  He is one of our taller horses but his heart is just as big. We always know when Bub returns from a trail ride... He's always got to nicker when he comes around the corner to make sure we are all still here. Gotta love that Guy!

Likes: Gretchen, Jumping, Carrots 

  Dislikes: Plastic Bags and when his friends go out to pasture without him.
















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