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Our Riding Season is April Through Mid November.

April/May  August/September/October/November

Friday, Saturday, and Sunday


 June and July, Wednesday (field trips), Thursday - Sunday

By reservation Only. Please call for a reservation.

Weather Permitting. (309)382-1268.




1.  All Trail Riders must be 8 years old.
2.  EVERYONE must sign a Rockin' P Liability Waiver - No Exceptions!  Minors (under age 18) must have a parent
or legal guardian sign the Waiver  You can print one from this website (go to Forms and click on Rider Liability) or get one when you arrive. 
3.  No Smoking inside any building or barn AND on trails.  Also, if you do smoke, please use outdoor cigarette dispensers.
4.  We recommend long pants and a heeled boot/shoe.  Absolutely NO backless sandals or flip-flops!
5.  Please turn off cell phones when riding.  It's even better if you leave them in your car so they don't get dropped when riding.
6.  Helmets are required for any minor under the age of 16. They are optional for adults and can be refused by a parent on our waiver for 16 and 17 year olds. We provide helmets at no charge, or bring your Bike Helmet from home.
7.  Our Guides are on the rides for your safety and to make sure you have an AWESOME time!  However, their #1 job is to keep you safe.  They know the horses and trails so PLEASE, if they ask you to do something listen to them and comply.  
8. Weight Limit is 250 dependant on height. Weight can have an impact on rider's safety based on their balance (height vs. weight).  We do use a mounting platform to get on the horse, however, Rider should be able dismount without assistance unless they have a physical restriction other than weight then we will use the platform for dismount.



Yep!  We have horses in all sizes! 

This is Stormy, she is a full grown miniature and is only about 26" tall!  Cute, eh?